Compass of Dei Gratia Kickstarter Announcement!

We at Lemnisca would like to announce that we have acquired the license to localize and publish renowned indie/doujin game “Compass of Dei Gratia -On the Fifth Day-” by Catalyst in English, with the cooperation of our good friends at Regista!
We will be holding a Kickstarter in a few months for the purpose of funding the localization for this game!
We’re gearing up for some nice stretch goals, like an English localization of the Nintendo Switch version and additional CGs and the like!
With this being the first title we have ever published ourselves and the first Kickstarter we have ever managed, this project will come with a lot of firsts and challenges for us all, and for that, we need your support to help bring this wonderful title into English.
Compass of Dei Gratia offers a fascinating experience that is a must-read for all lovers of science fiction visual novels.
If we work together, we will bring the world of Compass of Dei Gratia to light for your reading pleasure!
We hope to see you all again at the Kickstarter!

Originally released in 2015 at Comiket 88 after being developed by indie group Catalyst for several years, Compass of Dei Gratia is a VN that is an homage to sci-fi VNs, particularly Ever17 -the out of infinity-. It tells the story of a group of people who get trapped in a submarine 700 meters at the bottom of the sea floor, desperate to make it back to the surface. However, they may find that there is much more to their predicament than meets the eye, with mysteries and other happenings abound…


August 1st, 2033-
The deep sea pleasure cruise, <SHEEP III>, with over 50 passengers on board, sinks.
And four days later—

“There are two survivors. One of them is Hitose Katagiri, a grad student.”
“And the other one is…”

The completely forgotten “other survivor.”

What happened in the four days until they were rescued?
What lurks in the depths of the sea?
And… who is the survivor?

A closed off submarine, and open mysteries.
This is a story with no set answer.